Saturday, 20 May 2017

Dreams May 2017

The following were posted to Facebook straight after I woke up after having various dreams in May 2017.

Another interesting dream last night, was in a high budgeted Dr Who fan film with Mark Strickson. Though it seemed to be being filmed in my workplace with odd use of CCTV in some shots but also very impressive 3D graphics of a spinning planet for us to hang off!
(20th May 2017)

Very, very odd dream. Featuring Ian Mc Shane, John Altman, Tom Baker and a very youthful looking Heather Allen
It featured body mutilation(whilst the victim was conscious), don't worry Heather you weren't hurt or doing the hurting.
Also there was criminal infiltration of the Dr Who Experience or studio whilst Tom Baker pretended to be an out of work drama teacher.
Won't forget Ian McShane cutting up John Altman whist Altman was conscious in a hurry,his face was being dismantled from the inside yet he was still awake and not experiencing pain or spurting blood it was very odd.
Not sure what the eccentric collection of criminals were planning.
Heather you were a glamously dressed member of the public visiting a stately home I think.
The criminals gathered near the beginning on a very expensive looking luxury boat, which Altman, who they'd hired dived into the water and swam towards.
(19th May 2017)

Odd dream where me a non driver had suddenly decided to buy a car. Somehow it was only £4000 yet brand new, yellow and a small 4x4. Hadn't ticked a box for colour so the yellow was imposed on me. My maths is surprisingly good whilst asleep £15 a month for 15 years (do they do deals like that?)
(15th May 2017)

Dreamt I went to the Palace of Westminster on a works outing. Bizarrely we got to watch PMQs from the govt back benches I say watch it was so warm I fell asleep but woke up to see most of the MPs gone & Jeremy Corbyn and a colllegue nearby. I went over and shook his hand saying "Very good luck sir and I hope your still running the party after the election" he answered "Thanks and so do I" after this I joined a queue of us leaving for some reason my dad and brother were there and I said I hope there's a shop someone should buy some post cards.
(12th May 2017)

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