Saturday, 7 March 2015

Big Fish DVD Review, written in 2006 recently rescued from the archive

2006-08-20 16:24:49

Just finished watching the DVD of Tim Burton's "Big Fish" this is a strange film and not easy to describe the plot but basically it's about a man on his death bed recounting his life to his son. The man played by Albert Finney likes to embelish his life with fantasies to make it more interesting, this frustrates his son who is trying to find out the truth after hearing these embelished stories for years. You may not have heard of this film as it came out three years ago and didn't exactly set the box office on fire but its very interesting to watch and full of Burtonesque signiture moments such as a very spooky forrest that leads to a mystical town where no one wears shoes and all vistors shoes are stolen in an attempt to stop them leaving. Not much more to add to this blog other than to say I listened to the Doctor Who Audio book "The Stone Rose" this morning, I was very impressed with this and will be buying the other recently released who audio books.

Cheers for Now. Tim.

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