Saturday, 7 March 2015

Review of movie The Incredible Hulk I wrote back in 2008

"The Incredible Hulk" Review

2008-06-14 16:38:48

Maybe it's because I fell asleep in the cinema but this film came across as one almost continuous action sequence. I have a feeling it's possible to make a good film of the Hulk but sadly Hollywood has yet to find the right combination of intelligent script and action. On the plus side the acting and cast were excellent with praise as ever towards Ed Norton who did his best with his troubled soul of a role. The effects also were of note but I have to agree with some callers to BBC Radio Five Live, that the 70s TV show with a guy painted green gave you a bit more to relate to. Overall then worth seeing for the action, but try to leave your brain at the door, unlike the Ang Lee attempt at this franchise your not going to need it.

Nothing more to add, so cheers for now Tim.

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