Saturday, 7 March 2015

Review of Doctor Who:Last of The Timelords I wrote back in 2007

Doctor Who "The Last of the Timelords" Review.

2007-06-30 19:40:05

You can see where any money saved on cheaper episodes this year was spend because this episode was epic no other word for it. I'd suspected it might be Martha's episode but thankfully both stars shared the limelight in the longest and most visually spectacular episode since the show returned. The Master has been running the Earth for a year preparing for war with the universe, but it's a year the Doctor has had to prepare for victory. Martha has been preparing too, traveling the world spreading the word that only the Doctor can save them from the Master's rule. Jack too gets his moments to shine mostly near the end of the story. It was certainly good to see the TARDIS back to normal and the Doctor able to sit in it again. I normally find two parters uneven with one strong and one weaker episode but this one has been pretty consistent. It's a sad end for the doc though with the Master seemingly dead and Martha leaving him, but the door has certainly been left open for her to return to some extent next year. The Christmas special this year looks promising already with this episode ending with the TARDIS crashing into The Titanic. It's been a consistently good series this year lets just hope those 180 odd days to Christmas don't pass too slowly.

Cheers for now Tim

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